How ShoreTel’s Communicator Integrates with Microsoft Outlook

Most businesses spend a ton of time using their phone and email to communicate with contacts. But, wouldn’t it be great if you could use both from the same program?

You can thanks to the ShoreTel Communicator, the tool for managing calls through your computer. It was built to integrate with Microsoft Outlook so you can see all of your information in one place. In fact, that’s one of the many reasons CRN Magazine named ShoreTel Sky Communicator as one of the most Innovative Products of 2012.

Let’s take a look at how it works.

Contact Integration

ShoreTel Integration Allows You to Make Calls from OutlookShoreTel gives you the ability to pull in your contacts from Outlook into the Communicator. That way, when you’re ready to place a call, you will be able to type in a person’s name and their contact info will appear. You will even be able to choose a phone number, if the contact has multiples.

But, you don’t have to have to place the call from the ShoreTel communicator. This integration allows you to place the call directly from Outlook.

Here’s how it works – When you access their contact card in Outlook, simply right click on a phone number and an option to call will appear. This means you can call contacts from two programs with just a click of the mouse.

For someone like me, that is amazing! I can quickly make calls and avoid dialing the wrong number.

Calendar Integration

With the Outlook Calendar integration, you can make calendar appointments inside of Outlook and set the call handling mode you want to display during that appointment time, all inside one program.

The system will automatically change your ShoreTel call-handling mode to whatever you set with your Outlook appointment during the appointment time. This means if you have utilized your call handling modes to the fullest extent (Click here to find out how to do that) you only have to set the appointment. Outlook and ShoreTel does the rest for you – letting both internal and external callers that you are not available, or how to reach you (or not).

Voicemail to Email

Another great feature allows you to have the ShoreTel system send your voicemails into your email. This can be completed with one of two types of emails. One as  email with a .wav file attachment. This attachment can be played on many different devices.

ShoreTel Sends Voicemails to Outlook

The other option is to have it send as special type of message that allows the user to play the message right in your outlook without any attached files. This one however, can only be played on your computer. This centralizes all the messages and communication you might be receiving in to one spot, which means managing one inbox instead of two.

With the simple integration with Outlook, you can begin take advantage of true Unified Communication.

If you’re a ShoreTel user, have you tried any of these feature yet? What questions do you have about using ShoreTel with Microsoft Outlook?

Melanie Henderson Stephan

Melanie Henderson Stephan

Customer Advocate at CRI
Melanie has spent 10 years working in the customer service industry with the last 4 years specializing in Business Communications. Her specialty is training others on the ShoreTel system. She has been with CRI for the last two years working on the Customer Support Team.Melanie enjoys riding her motorcycle, bird hunting, and expanding her pen and ink drawing portfolio. Melanie and her husband enjoy their lives with a Brittany Spaniel, German Shorthair, Terrier and a Corgi.
Melanie Henderson Stephan


  1. When installing the Outlook Voice Mail Integration on Shoretel (Tools > Options > Outlook ), I got the following error:
    “Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request…”

    Any suggestions?

  2. Unfortunately, Outlook 2010 64 bit has an incompatibility issue with ShoreTel 12.3 and lower.
    If you are that release of Outlook, talk to your voice partner about an upgrade to 13.1 and this will correct your issue. You can also downgrade your Outlook to 2010 32 bit and that should fix it too!

  3. Thanking you for sharing such a wonderful information. With the help of your post I have successfully integrate ShoreTel with my Microsoft Outlook account.

  4. This info is really helpful.Thanks for sharing this.

  5. mohammed says:

    Hi Melanie,

    I upgraded my outlook to 2013 from 2003, before that shoreTel was sending voicemail notification to outlook ever since the upgraded its not happening my shoreTel build is 15.21.3903.0

    can you help please

    • Hi Mohammed,
      Unfortunately, Outlook 2013 isn’t compatible with ShoreTel 10 which is what build 15.21.3903 is. You would need to have the entire ShoreTel operating system upgraded to 14 which is the most current ShoreTel release.
      I hope this helps,

  6. Bob Greaves says:

    I’m trying to get the wav file to play from outlook without success. I have Shoretel Version: 12.3 Build 17.60.9210 and Outlook 2010 Version: 14.0.7116.5000 32-bit. I get the message in outlook, but don’t get the VM wav file. All I get is “This item cannot be displayed in the reading pane. Open the item to read its contents”. I can listen to the VM, but only on the PC with the audio player.

    • Hi Bob,

      This is usually because the Outlook Exchange server is not set up as the SMTP relay for the ShoreTel server. It is common that this is the case as the Outlook Exchange server is trying to protect you from perceived threats.

      You can contact your IT professional and tell them this and ask them to double check that the Network Transport Hub is set up on the exchanges server as well.

      I hope this helps you resolve your issue.

      Thank you,

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